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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Toly, thanks for the great analysis. I do think I still have slight "waiters tray" in frame 1, but its not as bad as it was in the first set of videos, so that is promising. I am continuing to work on that. My palm is not facing 100% upwards, but about 45%.

And yes, I believe that diagram is of a kick serve, which I am not working on right now, so its not exactly what I need right now, but I do appreciate it. You can tell how the ball was tossed behind his head.

But back to your point of looks like there is some pronation going from frame 3 to frame 4. So what exactly is my issue here, in terms I can understand and try to fix? Am am pronating too early and not enough? What steps do I take to fix? Again, be realistic about what's "fixable".
Here is OP & Kvitova Racquet Orientation Comparison

Let’s compare racquet’s orientations of yours and Kvitova’s slice serve, see also original video

In pic.1 longitude axis of Kvitova racquet is directed to deuce court, but you directed it to ad cord. The angular difference in azimuth orientation is around 70.

In pic.4 you and Kvitova have the same racquet orientation. Thus, she can pronate her arm around 90 but you can pronate only 20. That’s why your ball bounces two times before it reaches the fence. I’m old man and still can serve (sometimes) with one bounce.

In pic.1 you must apply proper amount of forearm supination to direct longitude axis of the racquet into duce court. Do exactly what Kvitova does.
This is not big deal and can be easily fixed!!!
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