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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post

-more stops, pauses or hitches
-ball toss more deliberate and smooth
-ball toss more into the court and to the right
-more stable platform "happy feet"
-slightly more racquet drop...flexibility will cause limits here
-more usage of legs and knees....again, this has limits
-no "waiter position". Lead with the edge and don't let palm face upward
-more pronation...Finnish with racquet on left side with palm facing right fence
-stop falling to the on left foot straight ahead in balanced position
-contact point with arm fully extended, inside the court.
-more left hip lean into court at trophy pose
-keep tossing up moving until straight up
-more cartwheel motion with shoulders changing places
-keep chest facing sideways longer
-better trophy pose, with right shoulder much lower than left...hip leaning into court

please help me put these in a working order of importance. Thanks!
I'd say work on removing the waiter tray and then make sure you lead with the edge of the raquet when you swing up and towards the ball, and then pronate. Make sure you practice the pronation drill in charliefedererer's post. You can even shadow swing that at home(choke up on the racquet) Forget about pushing up with your legs now. You can always add the legs later. This is coming from a guy who had similar issues a few months ago.

Also make sure you study coach McCraw's pronation drill video. Watch the motion frame by frame

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