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Originally Posted by nethawkwenatchee View Post
RAFA2005RG- You made some good points in you're previous two posts about why the French final was so crucial to Rafa. I can see you're point on why he may have had some doubt, given his clay experiences with Nole in 2011. I still maintain my position however that Nole has had bigger opportunities besides that match. Nadal has only lost the one match (Soderling) on that court in his career and he had also had a great 2012 clay court showing leading into the French (he was the favorite-by all accounts) This was a huge opportunity to win another slam and the career slam (Nole) but there were previous milestones (like the world #1 Wimbledon match) that were maybe more important to him.
He would have been nš 1 even if he lost that Wimbledon final.

Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
I have not heard a thing about Nadal crying at RG this year. Unless Trollzilla produces something to prove it, I don't buy it.
Yeah, I was going to say the same. Sounds like the story that Nadal's grandma had said he was going into pro golfing after tennis.
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