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Originally Posted by Razoredge View Post
Just ignore my post lol.

Anyways we'll see how Serena performs these upcoming years, every slam she doesn't win is a loss given the quality of competition (unless they raise their games (lol) or some newcomer comes along).
You may be underrating the competition - we'll see how they play in 2013. Azarenka has improved a lot the last couple of years and may continue improving. Sharapova definitely improved last year and could possibly get to better form than ever in 2013. Kvitova has the capability to beat anyone, including Serena, when she is at her best and it isn't uncommmon for young players to have an off year right after an excellent year. There are new up-and-coming players each year. All of these players may significantly improve in 2013, making it a great year in women's tennis - of course, maybe they all fall apart. Right now, I'm thinking they all will improve.
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