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Default Power Play League #52 - Brisbane/Doha 2013


Welcome to the first event of the 2013 Tennis Year and our third Brisbane International & Qatar ExxonMobil Open for the Power Play League!


For each round of matches, we assign scoring points to each individual. For example, a match between Novak Djokovic (12,920) and David Ferrer (6,505) would have the following scoring points:

[1] N Djokovic (SRB) vs. [5] D Ferrer (ESP) - (7-14)

For Brisbane International & Qatar ExxonMobil Open, as it's a combined event of two 250 tournaments, the player picks the winner of 16 out of 58 matches based on the provided scoring points. For the combined tournament you MUST pick at least four matches from each tournament. The scoring points are calculated by a mathematical formula based on the players’ rankings. The objective of the game is to pick a mix of upsets and "sure bets" that will give you the highest score. All matches will be posted in the thread with scoring points while also being available in the League File. We hope you all join and we can make this bigger and better than our previous events!

REMINDER: You can join at any time (even if you want to pick just the final) but to make all 16 picks for BRISBANE/DOHA, you must make your first pick before the conclusion of the SECOND ROUND.

Brisbane/Doha Points Scale:

The Top Ten:

At any point during the 2013 PPL season, the following four participants can choose to double up on a pick. The double up needs to be announced before the match begins.
  • 24*7 Tennis
  • joeri888
  • Locotus
  • robin7

League File (HTML Link)

2012 Power Play League Tournaments (HTML Link)
2011 Power Play League Tournaments (HTML Link)
2010 Power Play League Tournaments (HTML Link)

Power Play League Overall Rankings (HTML Link)

Please post in this thread if you'll be playing and we will add your name to the file. Have fun!

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