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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
while courier faced a tougher opponent in sampras than agassi did in ivanisevic ... agassi's game simply translated better on the fast, slick grass ...... that's because his return was just that much better than courier and while courier's serve was better, it wasn't that much better ....
Agreed on most of this except the bolded part. In 1992/3 Courier's serve was way better than Agassi's. Agassi was still in "let's start this rally" serving mentality back then. He may have translated better to grass but he was Courier's pigeon so I don't think it would have mattered enough imo.

Originally Posted by abmk View Post
again, coming back to why the whole topic started, that's because that hypocrite nadalagassi just wants to argue both sides of the coin
This isn't at all surprising. He does it weekly.
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