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Default Neos, Glide bars and The UK

Im UK based and have an ektelon model H which im in the process of ovehauling, it words fine but I think could do with a new set of glide bars? I am UK based so I don't think tennismachines are an option, do you know anywhere in the UK (preferably north UK) that services these Or the Neos, also in terms of the tension head, it pulls linearly but 3lbs low, and i can't calibrate it any higher if that makes sense? Its a nuisance but not the end of the world and am wondering if there is anything I can do about that again bearing in mind tennismachines isnt really an option? Long term I am looking at getting a wise so not the end of the world if not but if anyone has any ideas then it would be greatly appreciated


PS 85, K90 or 3x MG prestige mid, all with pros pro untextured mains and hexaspin twist crosses- 52lbs
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