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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
AQ u have a lovely family!

Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
AQ you do have lovely girls! are they playing tennis yet
Again, thanks. Not playing just yet although the youngest got a new racquet from Santa. Eldest already has a second-hand Agassi kids one. You'd think I'd know all the specs on 'em...but I don't. Ha.

Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
you just trumped AQ's babies.......i didnt post this!
Touche....and true! Those sticks are a whole lot cheaper, financially and emotionally. And when you're mad at "it" you can smash it in the ground or put it in the closet. Those'd get me sent to CPS. Worst I can do at mine is yell. And I find myself "yelling" a lot these days. See next comment.

Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
Yes, they are lovely now, but give 'em a few more years. Once they hit that 12-15 year range, oh the drama...
Who has to wait? There's plenty of drama here already.

Good tennis buddy of mine with kids 15 years older than mine...we were on the phone once complaining of our various troubles. I was in the midst of potty-training one and nursing the other. She infinitely had more issues. But we both decided our real jobs were cleaning up *****. Me literally but she, too, was doing her share: her's just cost her a whole lot more than mine (sports teams politics, cars, proms, college apps, boys/girls).

Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
Great picture AQ!!! Love the jammies!
Thanks. I made the girls nightgowns myself. Last year, actually, but I made 'em too big and they refused to wear them. Fit just fine this year. Mine, on the other hand, make my backside look a lot bigger than it really is! But comfy. LOL.
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