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Ugh. Merry Christmas. Present (gift) Hangover. And POed. The entire family got tablets. None of them play Flash as they were made after Adobe's August 15th deadline. Not sure I want to side-load it but I may have to. Store won't take 'em back since the seals have been broken; they say take it up with Samsung. So I have. After them repeating the standard line from Adobe, I pushed. Said (formerly sealed) "box" says it we'll see what the "Executive Customer Relations" people have to say.

Can't believe any of the reviews I read about them (Best Buy, Amazon, CR) didn't mention this...although the more I did, the more I find on community forums and such. Seems like everyone has just sort of rolled over and excepted it.

I know it's really up to the various websites to get with the program, so to speak, and move on to some other video format, but they haven't. And now we can't do or Disney. And my kids are mad at me and their "device." Maybe that's a good thing. Turn 'em off to the technology.
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