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Default I Need Some Constructive Criticism (Please Be Nice) :D

Here's a small clip of me rallying against my friend. It's my first time recording myself and I was using an iPhone 4S so this was the best angle that I could get. Please give me your thoughts about how you think I could improve my game based on this video. I know it may be a little vague, but I am open to trying anything except for switching my grips. Please be nice. Thank you.

The video:

Before you watch the video, please take a minute to read about my "tennis identity."

My Current Status
Age: 19
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Approximately 260lbs

How long have I been playing? I have been playing for about six years now. I started during my freshman year of high school (2007) and have been hooked ever since. My stature has been pretty consistent throughout my years of playing tennis. I have always been one of the "bigger" tennis players, but that hasn't stopped me from beating an array of opponents. It actually played to my favor because no one ever expected much from me especially when I was the 3rd and 2nd seeds on my high school team.

Have I taken any lessons? I took one week's worth of lessons. It was a group lesson though and the only thing I learned from it was how to hit a forehand with a short-swing. I haven't gone back ever since. Other than that, I am completely self-taught. I primarily taught myself by reading instructional books that had pictures. I never really watched any instructional videos. I only watched highlights of professional matches online, but that was mainly for my own enjoyment not self-instruction.

Am I right-handed or left-handed? I am left-handed, however, I play tennis with my right hand. I kind of wish that I had started playing with my left though.

Which grips do I use? I use an eastern forehand grip and an eastern backhand grip. I just recently switched back to a single-handed backhand (two months now). I was using the two-hander before (for about two years), but also incorporated a single-hander here and there depending on the situation.

Do I play regularly? Ever since I graduated from high school (class of 2011), I haven't been able to play regularly. I used to play every single day though before I graduated. Now I play about once a week or once every two weeks.

Current racquet of choice? I currently play with the Volk Power Bridge 10 Light in stock form. I'm not feeling quite as agile as I was in high school so I needed something that would still gave me an "old school" feel, but in a lighter form. I also have minute wrist problems, but they seem to have disappeared ever since I got the Volkl. I used to use older racquets such as the P.O.G. OS and MS and a Donnay Super Mid Touring.

*Please feel free to ask me any questions.*
JYY; Volkl Power Bridge 10 (stock); AGE: 19

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