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AFAIK, they're rqts are real deal as I've never seen evidence to suggest they'd pj'd older rqts; but then again.

For reference, Lindstedt uses BLX 6.1 16 x 18 ALU Power/Wilson gut 17 (10% pre-stretch) tensions usually between 24 - 26kgs; Tecau use BLX 6.1 18 x 20 ALU Power/Wilson gut 16 tension usually about 21 or 22kg.

This bit of art was made by Lindstedt after the Wimby dubs final this year. I took this picture personally, and it does pain me a bit having put a lot of effort stringing them for the final!


Babolat Strike 18 x 20; Wimbledon stringing team since '04 - Head Wimbledon stringer '14; Babolat stringing team '10-'14. Twitter - @therqtstringer

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