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Originally Posted by Steve Dykstra View Post
So, in reading this thread, I have learned the following:

1) The Beatles are far and away the greatest band of all time, with only the Rolling Stones coming anywhere close to them.

Well, duh. This one is pretty obvious, and I'm suprised you needed to read the thread to learn this.

2) The Beach Boys were a decent band, but no where near The Beatles/The Rolling Stones.

Also common knowledge.

3) Every single other band/musician in the history of time has been/is varying degrees of awful.

Say what? There are tons of great artists. What thread have you been reading?

4) Every single band/musician since 1980 has written pure crap and are/were completely talentless hacks.

I never said or implied this either. Though no one seriously doubts that greatest era for rock and pop came before this.

5) There is a clear and definitive way to determine if one band is better than another and that is based on the opinion of our resident music genius, the OP.


6) The OP reached a certain age sometime around 1980 where his brain function started to deteriorate rapidly, and he was no longer able to understand and appreciate newer sounds and music.

I enjoy tons of stuff from post 1980, though again, the best stuff has generally come before it.

7) With each passing year since 1980, the OP has become more and more senile.

Wiser and more discerning perhaps. You'll get there, son. Enjoy the Jonas Brothers or whoever now, and eventually your tastes will mature.

Thanks all for the interesting and highly educational read. For the record, I abstained from the vote since both RHCP and REM are great bands. I personally do not care for REM, but I recognize that they have written some good songs. Merry Christmas!

Why don't you care for REM? This allegedly great band you speak of?
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