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okay...that's a descent explanation about having a lay over. The only problem with that I'd find it hard to believe that someone would lay over in Chattanooga Tn but I guess anything is I guess I assumed he came there in a car and if so I was just trying to think of a reason to bring something that big into a movie. Well you've given one possible explanation. Lets see if any others come through. I normally don't over react to stuff but that was just over the top for me...especially with him being real figety for no apparent reason. lol I just got my stuff and got the hell out. I did at least warn the manager. lol

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Have seen it lots of times, done it myself at least once. People sometimes come into town (especially during the holidays) to visit, have some time to kill (pardon the expression) if they get in early, take in a movie with their small suitcase or backpack, have no other place to leave it. A guy on this forum wrote a few weeks about having seven hours between flights, might have brought his carry-on luggage to a movie if so inclined. Some of my daughter's friends seem to never go anywhere without their backpack, have their laptop, crystal meth, whatever in there.
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