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I've been searching around Google and TT, and I can not find anyone reviewing it?
I like the description of it by Ashaway. It seems like it would have more power from the regular Ashaway Kevlar which is what I'm after. It only comes in the 1.25, but with more power that may work for me with a soft poly cross.
The more I read reviews and comments about the 1.10 Kevlar, the more I think it will not have the durability I am wanting. I do not understand why Ashaway goes from (16) 1.30 to (17) 1.25, then jumps all the way down to 1.10 in the 18 gauge. Seems like they should have a 1.20 or at least 1.15 Kevlar.

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has anyone tried the new ashaway kevlar+ ?
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