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Default PTFE / Silicone Spray Experiment

A thread about suspected pro use of silicone spray made me curious about its effects on spin. So I decided to try an experiment. It's just getting started, here are some initial observations, will update later.

I have three matched Pure Storm GT all strung the same way: VS Touch Black / 4G 125 @ 55/51. The beds range in age from three weeks, two weeks, and fresh.

I sprayed the oldest bed with PTFE Dry Lubricant from Blaster. It went on with a whitish residue which dried sort of soft rather than gummy or drippy.

I sprayed the middle aged frame with Silicone Spray from Blaster. No color change but it was clearly wet at first.

In both cases the spray came out in a powerful "jet" which made even application difficult. I wiped off the excess buildup.

I'm leaving the fresh string bed untouched as a control so I can compare it as it ages.

Initial observation: the silicone spray bed moves a little better than before when I pull on the mains, but nothing I would call significant. The 4G tends to dent with use and I could feel the small vibrations of the mains moving over the dented crosses even with the silicone applied and allowed to work into the stirngs.

The PTFE bed was a completely different story. The spray seemed to fill in the dents as the mains moved freely over the crosses. They seemed slower in some ways but also much smoother.

It's still damp here in Atlanta so I probably won't hit until Thursday. Definitely looking forward to seeing how the PTFE frame performs.
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