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Originally Posted by onehandbh View Post
Even in 2012, with Obama as our president, the sad fact is that there is
still quite a bit of racism in the U.S. It's a bit more veiled and less open
but definitely still there. Less so in the NE and west coast, though.

Also, ironic that the U.S. was a country created by illegal immigrants and
today there are still many people against immigration.
your last sentence there , if I recall right the USA was a territory that people immigrated to and once it became a country and established laws and borders then "ILLEGAL" immigration was and still is frowned upon .

Not sure if I have it right but didn't they have it set up at some island for people immigrating here legally would be there learn the language, learn the laws , the history ?

BTW i live in CA where I am watching illegal immigration destroy neighborhood after neighborhood and causing a lot of problems for our American citizens in our schools, hospital ,gangs ect. It has nothing to do with racism which your accusing me of because I would deport all of them today if I was President because the one we have and had have no backbone to do whats right !

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