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Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
That is what he will say, because of the virus and not playing at Abu Dhabi he was not able to get in match practice and he can't play the AO if he is not ready or something like that. I could be wrong and he will play Doha and the AO but I can't see it right now. He has even hinted in his interviews that he does not care about any tournament this year before clay season or I think last week he said he does not expect to be competitive until the IW. What bigger hint do we need?
This year scenario is all about for Murray and Djokovic rivalry and Fed retirement.Maybe you are right he will be back but they will try to show it like it takes time.He can still have a great year in 14 or 15 like Serena Williams in WTA last year.The only reason ı think you maybe right is his popularity.He isnt Soderling or Davydenko he has a big fan base.

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