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This exactly what I was looking for. Someone with some experience in the matter. It took a while but once I thought it through, I decided it was not only not worth my life but others. I didn't want to make things worse by causing a scene by starting an altercation with the guy. I figured someone like yourself would be better equipped to handle the situation. I just think that is odd that they would allow something of that size in the movies. I just can't see where it has a place. I didn't even think of the other stuff you mentioned(walking through the isle). It also took up a seat and it was packed full. I mean he put a small waist length jacket into the bag on top of whatever else was in the bag. The bag was huge. I've used a bag of that size to transport clothing to tennis tourneys and I can tell you it was the only bag I needed for a 3 day tourney. What are you going to use in a bag that big during a 1 1/2 long movie that it couldn't stay in the car until you were done with the movie.

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I am a theatre manager and have worked in the industry for over twenty years, so this is in my wheelhouse. Personally I will not allow something of that size in my location. I cant speak for all of the industry or even my company policy. If the patron does not have a vehicle to return it to or doesn't feel comfortable leaving it in their vehicle, I will store the bag in my office. If the patron refuses my request, they're asked to leave. It's my belief that a bag of the size you're describing offers too many safety concerns. The first in everyone's mind is a firearm thanks to the nut job in Colorado. In my mind though I think of other issues, other patrons being inconvenienced trying to move through aisles. An obstacle to overcome if we had to evacuate the building due to an emergency, fire, tornado, etc. I could go on and on.

I commend you for bringing it to a managers attention. Often times we are behind the scenes taking care of other tasks and staff members are unwilling or bullied by patrons into allowing such an occurrence. Patrons have an inherent " I am right, you're wrong" persona in today's world. Threats of taking business and their dollar somewhere else. Unfortunately too many managers bow down to a patron when it's not warranted. If in my mind, I believe that there is any threat to any of my other patrons, you're asked to leave. If not willingly, then by law enforcement. The safety of others is not worth that customers money, period.

All in all, I believe you were correct and I would have thanked you for observation. I'd have comped your tickets and you would have been able to return at your convenience.
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