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lol...that(charging him for the seat) is funny. You are right about asking for bail money. I've not ever been and I don't want to go. I once allowed a guy to leave with one of my small mowers as he had already loaded it and was getting back into his car. I was about to throw a brick through the window and quickly did the math on bail money and possibly lawyers and let him go. I replaced it the next day for 50 bucks...I also caught the attn of another person who it turns out needed someone to cut a business and I ended up with contract. So in the end it turned out much better than I had hoped.

Originally Posted by wrainsberger View Post
No problem, as I said I completely agree with you on the matter. It's not worth any one getting injured or the risk of someone getting injured. We are held accountable for all sorts of things, including accident prevention. This to me was a trip/ fall hazard in the making. Also it had potential to start and issue between patrons. You did the correct thing, let us handle the situation. Too many times patrons want to take things into their own hands. Patrons confronting other patrons is never a good idea. I have personally witnessed the outcome of several of these incidents. Often times resulting with all those involved either being asked to leave or requesting bail money from family or friends. Theatres are private property and therefore are subject to our policies and procedures. I have the local LEO's on speed dial and use them when needed.

On a lighter note, if it was taking up a seat at my facility, in an almost sold out show, opening day of a major film....I'd have charged him for the seat.
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