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Depends on if it's a league match or pickup. The guy I play every week calls his own balls even wide during the rallies and I do the same. That's pickup. We really think we are going to beat each other and want no parts of a cheap point. We even met in the finals of two tourneys and did the same thing. I don't do that with anyone but him though. The reason is this. People will use that same call against you later when you do call a ball out and he thinks it is in. When you start yelling this is my side and that's your side he's going to remind you that you didn't mind him calling your side when you were in the first game of the first set and nothing mattered and he would be right in saying so. So don't let him call it at all. If you don't put a stop to it, he will end up calling your side and his side and I'm sure you don't want that.

One other thing. I call everything out even if it hits the fence on the fly. I have seen too many times in heated matches where guys are clawing for any point they can get try an intimidate to get points later in the game. True story. A mixed match is going on and words have already been exchanged. So the first point of this particular game, one guy hits a ball that is probably 4 feet back easily...the guy doesn't call it out and claims the point...the game goes on and when he's finally won the game, the guy that hit the ball out during the first points starts raising hell. He tries to go back and claim that point. The other guy tells him that the ball was 4 or 5 feet back and everyone saw it...the guy that hit the ball says he didn't care if 15 people on the side saw it out...he didn't and assumed it was good....the guy ended up giving away that point and the game and the match. So I call it out if it one hops the fence. i don't even just put the finger up...I call it out. You just never know what kind of fools you will run in to.

Originally Posted by dlam View Post
Need some feedback.
league match.
playing regular match, whenever Im receiving the serve, if the ball is out I call it loud and immediate.
If the ball is obviously out , for me that is 2 feet or longer I say sometimes say out or not say anything cause if it's really wide/long and I think it's demeaning to yell out when it's obviously out.
For most of the match the calls were fair. He acknowlege the obvious serve out calls woithout me calling it out loud.
Then there was a really fast serve that was so close that I had to return and couldnt be sure, so I play the point.
He appears not to try to play the point and catches the ball after I return over the net and tells me it's out and it's second serve.
I dont say anything.
I think hmmmm, server can't call that serve out. but I dont say anything and he serves second serve.

During the next set, Im serving and there were a few that I felt was perhaps long but he plays it and continue playing those points.
Then I make a purposely super slow serve and the ball looks obviously long to me (for me that 2 feet or more) I sure he's going to say out but he plays it and I dont move.
I call my first serve out.(first time and only time)and he looks at me , I tell him I absolutely sure the ball is out. he thought it was in but and gives me second serve and lets me call it out.
Now that really bother me ,
I dont think either of us should calling our first serve out.
What should I have done.
Im thinking I should not let him call his first serve out in the first set as that made me think I could do it as well.

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