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Originally Posted by onehandbh View Post
Even in 2012, with Obama as our president, the sad fact is that there is
still quite a bit of racism in the U.S. It's a bit more veiled and less open
but definitely still there. Less so in the NE and west coast, though.

Also, ironic that the U.S. was a country created by illegal immigrants and
today there are still many people against immigration.
The claims or racism often heard in the media are often tactics coming from those trying to intimidate and discredit those who disagree with their position and has nothing to do with race. Many of these claims have little merit. Does racism remain? Sadly yes, but that is changing for the better all the time.

The U.S. was created by those who legally immigrated. Legal immigration is a process that is encouraged by the U.S. and those who come to this country legally are welcomed.
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