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Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
No, I don't think so. Players either have that charisma or they don't. Nadal and Federer have it, Djokovic and Murray do not. I don't think Djokovic and Murray will ever be anything close to Fedal in that respect. Very few players are ever as popular as a Federer, Nadal, Borg, Agassi, etc. Those are special cases.
It's far too early to say if Djoker/Murray will ever be close to Fedal in terms of populariy. Nadal and Federer are only charismatic because of their accomplishments. Was anybody here giving Federer the time of day when he was getting bounced by guys like Ancic in the Slams 10 years back? People just like to ride the wagons of the winners. Nadal and Federer are record holders hence they receive a great deal of support from fans who like to see records get broken.
If Murray and Djokovic were in contention for breaking a crapload of records, they'd get a lot more support. If Djokovic becomes the man to knock off Nadal at RG in 2013, his starpower could skyrocket.
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