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Default Some tennis shoes advice for my specific needs, please.

Hey peeps'....I haven't been around in awhile, but it's good to be back. I've been working hard at becoming a better player, even in the face of Michigan winter limitations, etc.

I got tennis shoes for Christmas....Adidas Bercuda. I am generally an Adidas guy and shun Nike for reasons that probably aren't justified, but I figure there is plenty of other brands to pick from, so whatever. I don't like the fit of the Adidas Bercudas I got yesterday...they seem narrow. I've been playing with New Balance 623 shoes, which aren't really tennis specific, but felt very good on my feet from the get-go. I think having your kicks feel good on the court is half the battle, but the other half is to get the benefits of tennis-specific court shoes, and I feel I need them now. So I'm going to return the Adidas Bercudas. Can you guys give me some direction on what to look for? I'm looking for something that is a bit wider, and has good support for high arches. Unfortunately, I'm only in the $60-$70 range at the most. I be poor...haha. I think my wife got these Bercudas for $45 bucks here at the T-Ware'.

I've heard that Asics are great.....I wouldn't mind going in that direction. But whatever I get, I'll likely have to order them from here to use my refund, and I've always been wary of ordering shoes online because it's one thing I insist on trying on.

So point me in the right direction....a bit wider, high arch support. Preferably Adidas, Asics, or New Balance.

TIA, guys.
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