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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
The claims or racism often heard in the media are often tactics coming from those trying to intimidate and discredit those who disagree with their position and has nothing to do with race. Many of these claims have little merit. Does racism remain? Sadly yes, but that is changing for the better all the time.

The U.S. was created by those who legally immigrated. Legal immigration is a process that is encouraged by the U.S. and those who come to this country legally are welcomed.
My calling the initial European settlers
"illegal immigrants" isn't totally
correct, but the early Europeans who
came to the US didn't exactly check
with the Native Americans if it was
ok to take over the land, etc.
There were people living for a long
time in the part of North America
now known as the USA long before
the European setters came and formed
the US.
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