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To me, you're stopping all of your motions too quickly. Your BH and FH stop unnecessarily after you make contact with the ball. Since that appears to be a conscious effort, that means you're likely slowing down all of your strokes prematurely as well.

This means you don't have much access to power, spin and pace.

I'd concentrate on not stopping yourself, but follow through with your whole body.

In this video, see how Fed follows through all the way? His stroke only stops because his arm runs into his body. In your videos, you are stopping your motion in front of your face. You still have quite a distance to go, and that extra distance around your body/shoulder is needed for many things, such as balance, pace and spin.

The same can be said of the backhand, though a little less so.

In this video, the only reason his swinging arm stops is because it won't go much further than it is, but he's not necessarily stopping the whole motion.

Swinging through without pause and hesitation can lead to much greater control and consistency.

good luck!
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