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In all honesty, what's more important are the headsize, weight, thickness, and balance.

A smaller headsize translates in more control. A heavy racket translates into more control, especially on stretch volleys. A thin beam means more flex and feel. A HL balance means more maneuverability.

The ultimate S&V rackets include the PS 85, Max 200G, K90, KPS 88, and just about any Prestige Mid. All have <90sq" heads, >350g static weight, <20mm beams, and HL balance. They also are among the very best touch and control sticks ever made.

What they don't have in common is their string pattern.

A 6.1 95 is a very good racket, the only difference the string pattern will make is its liveliness. If you want a touch more power and spin, go open. But of you want to take your volleys to the next level, go to a more classic frame.
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