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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Sounds good to me. My first wife would end up crying every Christmas evening because something wasn't good enough. Our anniversary, her birthday, and Mother's day all came within about a two week period. I knew I would be punished and my life would be hell for a while no matter how hard I tried to get all the perfect gifts and make each day as good as possible.

I'm curious. Were there any signs before you wed that she was, erm, difficult and needy in this area? Or did she decide that gift-giving was the be-all-end-all after you wed?

See, I'm thinking people who are dating need to test the waters before they get married. If you think she's The One, you need to deliberately get her a crappy gift for her birthday or Valentine's day. See if she handles it with grace or whether she pouts or whether she goes all quiet. If she flips out . . . you're facing 50 years of scouring the local mall for a gift that won't touch off a tantrum.

You need to look for women like me, who don't give a flying fig about gifts and cards and birthdays. Sadly, LeeD has already laid claim to me . . . .
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