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Yes...I agree with you. For all I know that guy could have had 3 movies worth of food in that bag. I wasn't about to throw a tantrum and the manager or the guy at the front let him in. All I really at the end of the day cared about was he had no weapons of mass destruction in there. Since there was no way for me to find that was much easier to go to another I'm for peopel being able to own guns as well. Even if I had one on me on Christmas I still would have gotten up and left. I would only use one if someone made me do so. I wouldn't have wanted to sit there and have a shoot out with the guy when i can easily just go on to another movie as I did. I appreciate your insight on this. They really need to change their policies with all the fools and copy cats out here now. If you have to do laundry that day it's probably best you see a movie another day.

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Let me say first that I am pro gun rights. I am an avid shooter as well and own several guns.

Without starting a long debate with the current gun debacle let me refer to a previous comment. Let the staff and management at your local theatre handle all confrontations. Again I have seen too many people come out for a night of enjoyment with family and friends leave in handcuffs heading for the local jail. Many of times this has been at my request to local LEO's.

I can't stress this enough, please. Just a guy who has worked in the industry for over twenty years and has witnessed way too much in that time. IMHO
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