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Originally Posted by Graphiteking View Post
The question speaks for itself. Men's and Women's. At the height of their careers out of all the players, who would win? One match, on hardcourt. Men's winner? Women's winner?
Excluding the present players there has been a lot of support for Lew Hoad, Ellsworth Vines, Rod Laver, Pancho Gonzalez and Bill Tilden.

Others who have been mentioned has been Frank Kovacs, John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg.

I like what Riggs said about Pancho Gonzalez, it was something like if you had them all play matches and the loser would die. In a situation like that Pancho Gonzalez may turn out to be the ultimate winner.

I know a number of people like Bud Collins and Jimmy Connors have said if they had a match for someone to play for their life, they would pick Pancho Gonzalez.
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