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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Merry Christmas all!

Had to get out on court to burn off the holiday poundage...

Did some work on the volley- 3 reflex, than putaway. Works well for improving reaction time and shortening the swing.

Also worked on touch with the backhand slice. Too a while to get the soft angles/ drops dialed in.

Of course I always work on the forehand. Still need to work on this wrist thing during takeback, though it is better than before. Not much sidespin though.
Can feel you on the extra holiday poundage. Holidays are rough on fitness.
Not a teaching pro, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. On volleys:
With the backhand it looked like you were taking too much of a backswing.
On the forehand, you couuld use a little more underspin for control and to have it slice though the courts.
On the forehand, you have a nice stroke. However, it almost looks like you are off-balance a little. I think part of it is that you are so concerned about hitting from an open stance that your feet may stop moving too early. Conversely, you movement on the backhand slice seemed more natural. Only thing I would work on is to make sure you drive through the ball on the slice.
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