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Sorry, I was being too vague and opaque.
You are supposed to be able to read my mind over these here internets to catch the sub-tle nuances of my thoughts.

The easiest thing to do with a low skidding slice approach is to slice/chip it back.

The problem is that it will be too low (into the net) too high (a sitter) or approx 6-12" above net level.

If it is 6-12" above net level and anywhere near the onrushing s and v'er, he or she is going to most likely knock it away for a winner.

Slicing a pass attempt down the line off a low approach is fraught with danger and most likely not going to be successful.

However, a crosscourt slice, esp where the s and v'er has "shaded" in the direction of the approach, has a pretty good chance of going over and going out of the reach of the volleyer. HOWEVER, you are hitting a sharp backhand slice cross court to the "short" part of the Court. The sideline will rob you of beautiful shots over and over again. (Remember, it is a slice, it has no topspin to make it dive down and grab the line) UNLESS, you take enough pace off to let our friend gravity drag it down to the court inside the white line. And the window to do that is about 6" wide.

My point was it was REALLY hard, and if you can hit that shot consistently off my approach, you win my admiration and the match. IF not, it may not be a long day for you, but it will be a miserable one.
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