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Originally Posted by malonec View Post
Thanks for the suggestions. I see that there are a variety of prices on the Barricade 7 (women's shoe) is there a particular one that is the best. The reason I am looking for a durable sole is that it is pricey to have this built in lift and I'm hoping for a sole that lasts. Also I can't find Head Youtek IG Radical Pro w Red Code 18/NXT 17. Is that a shoe? I'm anxious to get going on getting shoes because I can't play tennis until I do and I am going into withdrawals since I was playing 3 days a week.
No they are all the same shoe, just different colors, some more recent than the others, therefore priced differently. And buy the men's version, unless you are a woman . And Head Youtek IG Radical Pro is the racquet I play with, Red Code and NXT hybrid was the string I used to use, just too lazy to change my signature haha. Durability on B7 is definitely the best in the business.
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