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Just watching some of the Ystremskaia vs. Desiatnikov match. I'm assuming AD is in the dark shirt and Ystre is in blue.

AD can play. Not the best fundamentals. The serve is just horrible. If my son served like that i would not feed him food till he fixed it. Chain him to the court next to a truck load of tennis balls. Unacceptable. And my only ambition for my son is college tennis. Not pros. Please rgwarren fix your kids serve. Its simply unacceptable. She also slaps at her fh when she can just as easily setup and rip it. Bad habits. She pushes when ran even when she gets to the ball on time. These symptoms are because she values wins over form at this point. As she ages and hits the same shots her future opponents will not miss the put aways like this Ystre does at critical times.

What I liked about Ystre is she hit her shots. Went for them. Not much pushing. Angles. Went for winners when presented. On the run she hit the ball. Didn't push the ball on the run like AD does.

I predict as Ystre gains experience her percentage will go up. And the shots girls like AD relies on Ystre to miss will not materialise. At that point AD will be a victum of her early success. She doesnt win the points but rather waits for the opponent to lose them.

How to fix this problem looming right over the horizon for AD? Number one. Fix the serve. If any one thing that will keep her from pro succes (i define success as making money ) it will be the serve. It is terrible. I can forgive the pushing if she can actually serve. How will she win as the girls all age and the returns get better and better and AD is fluffing serves in? Now she relies on her ground game and defense and pushing to win at age 12. AD needs to be able to hold serve as she continues in her tennis.

AD obviously has the champions mindset. The will to win. I like her demeanor on court. She acts like a little champion. I would be willing to drink the coolaid if she stopped pushing and learned how to serve. If rgwarren come in here and states her serve is fine he is delusional. If AD wants to win and turn pro at 17? I would take loses now before she gets too old to change. Fix the serve. Fix the pushing. Keep the champions mindset.
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