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Originally Posted by sunof tennis View Post
I think your forehand is pretty good. One main problem with both your strokes (although it is more evident on the backhand) is that you are often late. Get prepared earlier. On both strokes you clearly need more unit turn (again, especially on the backhand). Thus, the arming comment from the other poster. Check out the Lock and Roll video for agood example of the forehand. On the backhand, your turn should be enough that your back can be seen by your opponent. Last, and maybe the most critical problem with your backahnad is the lack of racquethead spead. It actually looks like you are deccelerating as you are going forward with your swing.
I hate to mention this, but if you are serious about getting good, it will require you to become more physically fit.
Mhm. I noticed that a lot when I was recording this video. I am late a lot. It really depends on the day, but that's no excuse. Thanks for the input.
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