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Originally Posted by corners View Post
Hi Justin, I mean this to be constructive: You're light on your feet for a big man. But this won't last long if you don't lose weight. I can tell that you inherited good foot structure from your parents, which is why you move better and with more grace than most 260 pounders. You're lucky. But pounding hardcourts carrying all that extra weight will permanently ruin your feet before long. I'm serious. Once your arches flatten out you can kiss your springy, smooth movement goodbye, forever. Just imagine how good you'd be minus 100 pounds! Do it!!
Thank you! I get this compliment a lot. People often say, "Man. It looks like your gliding out there." Haha. It is quite a gift that I am proud of. I have considered losing weight. Well I shouldn't consider it...I should do it. I have always thought about how much faster, agile, and better at tennis I would be if I were 100 pounds lighter. I definitely know that I'd be giving my friends a good run instead of then running me, haha. Thank you for the inspiration. I appreciate it.
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