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Originally Posted by JT_2eighty View Post
Yea, a few months ago, Pacific raised their prices.

Their guts used to price at $29, $35 & $38.95; for classic, tough and prime, respectively. Recently they bumped everything up so that Prime is level is VS, and on down. The old prices made Pacific, IMHO, the best price/performance gut you can find. The new prices do make VS look more 'reasonable', if it weren't for the introduction of BT7 that has pushed many gut loyalists to other brands.

I'm still working through my stock of Tough that I found elsewhere for $31 a set... and boy am I nursing it the best I can! Hybriding helps keep the strings alive, & string savers, refreshing the crosses, etc., ...
So, it seems that you don't enjoy full bed Tough as much as in a hybrid setup...Can you tell us the pros and cons of both setups? also, when you said "hybriding helps keep the strings alive", could you say a bit more about it? long does the aliveness last for in your experience? thanks
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