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4.0 B - 7-6(10) 6-4

he was a lefty, mid 50's, better than guy from first match all around. good forehand, kind of hooks you off the court if i hit too short. good serve, weak bh, didn't really come into too much, or if he did he retreated back to the baseline most of the time.

served well, although i went to deuce on my serve a ton, managed to hold to 4-3, and broke him to serve for it at 5-3. not a lot of rallies at first, put eventually got into to it and just went my bh to his forehand a lot. felt really steady. he did a good job trying to work me off the court. was able to hold my ground for the most part, but still tough the way he could hook it away from me. managed to find a ball that went more down the middle and took it crosscourt to his backhand to get ahead.
maybe got a little tight trying to serve the set out and my fh went off a bit. at 4-5, he served more to my fh and i just struggled to get them back. was down 2-5 in tb but managed to fended off a couple of set points and had a handful before i converted at 12-10.

he started well in 2nd set, broke me and had a 3-0 lead. serve had a momentarily lapse and was down 15-40 at 0-3, but pulled it together. at 1-4, we had epic 45+ shot rally, just my bh to his fh, eventually i hit one into the net. but the damage had been done. he was dead for next 4 games, just slapping balls into the net at times. hit a couple of really nice dropshots too, ball was short and he was so far back and i guess i didn't think he would go for it if i did. He mounted a bit of a charge at 5-4, but i served it out, i found a good rhythm on serve, stretching him out of the court form the start of the point.

on to the semis on friday.
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