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^Just picked one of these up, the black/orange type, and they feel 61ra to me. Should probably mention that it is the ti80 lite but a grip swap (leather) and some tape at 3&9 brings it up to par.

Strung mine up with my go to hybrid, x-1(16g) and aluPower, 59/55. Great ball pocketing, superb feel. Reminds me of a more 'connected' rdis200. Thinner beam = better feel with this one and easier to manipulate on serve. The rdis just felt too numb and needed full poly to crispen it up but this ti80 is just right, foam filled too.

I can see why the recommended tension is 55-65, think I'll go 62/58 next time with this hybrid.


What's up with the stiffness on the new xi vcores? Why make them stiffer than the previous ones? Disappointing to say the least.
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