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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
justinyyang, thanks for the vid and bio. Your movement and strokes seem pretty decent to me. I'm not qualified to critique or give advice, but you've gotten some tips already that might help you to improve. Importantly, you seem to have lots of potential.

What I will offer are two suggestions regarding camera angle and video:
1. Imo, it's better to position the camera centered behind you and high enough (eg., hang it on the fence behind you about shoulder height -- or higher and angled very slightly down) to take in the whole court and all the movement of both players.

Side shots, or like the angle in your video, can be used to augment the main, centered behind, camera viewpoint.

2. Edit out everything that isn't actual playing.
Thanks for the input. I'm using my iPhone 4S so there aren't many angoes that I can get with it since it doesn't have a wide angle lense that can capture more space.
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