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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post
So the difference is that Nadal covers up his pathetic cry baby mentality and lies to the public to look strong. the guy bawls his eyes out if a guy takes a set off him on clay because he thinks he will lose lmao. maybe he was fearing another beating. what a guy, cries to get the match taken off which save his arse and then STILL cries even though the officials helped him out. he probably cries if he drops a hotdog on the ground.

Much more understandable to cry with defeat in a slam final you should have won with the whole arena and millions of viewers expecting you to talk. back in the confort of your room, 2-1 up in sets with the officials helping you to win? What a pansy.
This may be a bit overstated and critical of you but I certainly understand where you're coming from. I never like seeing my favorite players cry but it does certainly put things into perspective when you see how much it means to them (that they cry in front of millions) and they obviously would rather not have everyone seeing them that way.

I've never seen Rafa do it publically but then again it was supposidly uncle Toni making this confession and not Rafa himself so... who knows if it really happened?
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