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Question Max tension for Wilson natural gut 17g?

Last Saturday I asked the local stringer (at a well-known tennis/golf shop) to string up my Prince EXO3 Tour 100 18x20 with Wilson natural gut 17 gauge. It has a recommended tension of 50-60 (100" head).

The stringer is a really nice guy and let him know I wanted it strung at 70. He was apprehensive and said, unless he accidentally nicks the string, if it breaks while stringing I'd eat the loss. Very reasonable. A few months back they strung that stick at 65 with 16g Wilson natural gut. Played great but tension loosened over time and baseline balls were hit progressively longer as one would expect.

Sunday broke strings on one of my Boris Becker London Tour (recommended tension 50-60lbs, 93" head). It was strung with Wilson natural gut 17g at 60lbs and played well when used but got really loose a few weeks back.


I want to get that Becker London Tour (93" head 18x20) strung tomorrow with Wilson 17g string hoping to get it done at max + 10 lbs or 70. They guy will freak so I need to know the recommended max tension Wilson 17 gauge natural gut. Anyone know?

For their 16g I believe it is 71lbs. Need to know max for the 17g Wilson gut...
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