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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
To me, an effective shot is one that makes your opponent abandon their Plan A the first couple of times you execute it.

Topspin lob stops people from crashing the net willy nilly. It allows you to move the opponent around. It backs people up or makes them hit on the rise. It moves the ball out of the strike zone, especially for one handed players. It gives you time to get to net.

And for my level, very few women can hit a topspin lob. By the time the opponent has figured it out, the match may be over.
I totally agree. Topspin lobs are the bane of my normal (opportunistic, and often willy nilly, net approach) game. When playing a moonballing and effective topspin lobber I have to alter my game somewhat. I generally lose to this sort of player (unless I'm having a particularly good day and just don't let them into points). To be honest, I doubt that, at my age, I'll ever be able to beat the sort of player (and there are some at even the 3.5 level) who hits consistent heavy topspin groundstrokes and really good topspin lobs. Just too much for me to handle.
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