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As far as meniscus surgery, I've had a few - along with other knee surgeries. Each case is different.
From my experience, I've had small chips that would catch and grind into the cartilage causing more damage which I had taken out quickly. I have a large tear in my knee cartilage now, but the surgeon said it is laying flat and to fix it he would have to take all the cartilage out which would cause arthritis, so he didn't do it. So far, everything is good, If it acts up, I try to get it back in place and rest it (inflammation is bad) and take Condroitin and Glucosamine.
I tore cartilage in my shoulder in January (I knew exactly what it was because I had heard that sound in my knee before). I didn't even go to the doctor because I would rather not be able to serve than have another operation. However, I had a pretty good idea that the chip wasn't grinding into anything and it would dissolve - which it has after almost a year.

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