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As a fellow big guy who just turned 40... the biggest advice I can give is to get healthier and lose some weight now, while you're younger.

You'll glide even easier with less weight on your frame.

Aim for small goals... say... 10lbs at a time.
I'm fairly certain you'll notice the difference.

Keep aiming for 10lb drops in your weight... and before you know it... you'll have 50-60lbs gone.

I'm about six foot myself, and was carrying about 240-250 in high school.
I got up to almost 300 a few years ago, and have dropped down to the 230 mark through healthier eating/more activity/etc.

Try not to make the same mistakes I did... I was "fine" until I killed my feet with the extra weight in my early 30s.

Now, I have to be cautious with them.

In fact, I just got back on my feet after a bad ankle sprain on the courts that laid me up for a good 5-6 weeks.

If you'd like any hints/tips/motivation/support, let me know?
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