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I started as working teaching pro in the early 1980s. I coached multiple sectionally ranked juniors in norcal, coached high school tennis for 30 years--355 wins and 14 titles, thank you--as well, as teaching the whole gamut of adult players from total beginners to nationally ranked senior players.

I started producing instructional videos and doing filming in the mid 1980's. I developed a reputation and an expertise in technical stroke analysis which has been the major focus of my work since.

The higher level coaching I have done has been as a technical consultant, filming, analyzing and making suggestions on court as well as off court for probably at this point a few hundred elite juniors, college players, satelite players, and wta and atp tour players.

I have been fortunate to work with some of the top players in the world as well as their coaches in this capacity, including players who won multiple slams and many others who played in the top 100.

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