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As for the other question, it's a great one. Confidence is founded on winning and unless you win you don't stay too long in the brutal world of junior sanctioned tournament play.

At the same time, technical, tactical and mental limitations are often obvious in young successful players.

I am not a developmental coach. That's not my interest or expertise, although I provide technical info and feedback to many high level ones.

So the rest is just my opinion, which is: you can lead a horse to water, but, etc.

A good friend who had coached one of the greatest women's players to multiple slams had me film a new player he was working with. Her serve, we saw in high speed video, was actually worse than either of us thought--and it looked bad to the naked eye!

Still she was in the top 20. My friend actually predicted what would happen but felt it was his duty to bring her the analysis of what it would take to go higher--a better serve motion among other things. She and her dad took him out to Denny's for breakfast and fired him.

My opinion is many players, especially kids, can only handle so much change. You push them as far as you can without making them go negative on themselves. The most successful players will of course have the ability to recognize and implement what they need to go to the next level.

Since virtually zero percent will ever earn money, I think at some point the sport for life mentality has to drive.

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