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Originally Posted by JohnYandell View Post
Since virtually zero percent will ever earn money, I think at some point the sport for life mentality has to drive.
Good point, and I think that for most of us, this is the driving force. And of course we all want to get better. So, it seems that there will always be a demand for instructors of various orientations. Your stuff seems to be primarily based on detailed observational analyses of movements/techniques. Since I'm a former working scientist, this approach appeals to me. But I also like the 'intuitive' or 'feeling' or 'broadstrokes' approach.

Am I just getting progressively less able to deal with detailed technical nuances or is there something to be said for the, er, 'inner tennis' approach?

What do you think ... keeping in mind that I highly value the detailed technical analysis approach?

Or am I mischaracterizing?
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