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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
The why not would be that the game has progressed, the players are fitter and technically better. Thus, a peak Federer would be expected to beat a peak Hoad.

But I'm asking you ... why? Why would you expect a peak Hoad to beat a peak Federer. Better stroke technique? Better serve? Better movement? Quicker? Better mentally? What?

I don't know Hoad's game. So, I'm asking.
TomT, I doubt that Federer is fitter than Hoad was. There are reports that Hoad was the fittest. His playing arm was more voluminous than even Nadal's.

I would say that Hoad had a better backhand than Federer, and of course a better volley.

Many experts and players who witnessed Hoad in his peak say that he was the strongest they have seen.
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