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Originally Posted by JohnYandell View Post
Obtviously modern tennis exists, at least in so far as you believe this is the modern age and that in it some of the best tennis imaginable is being played by great, great champions...

But the deepest irony here is that the so-called modern approach is not based on accurate descriptions of the strokes of the very players it purports to take as models to teach everyone in the world at all levels to "play like the pros." There are complete misunderstandings of the fundamentals running from the classical thru the modern age, as well as the myriad variations, and in the shifts in emphasis and prevelance of important elements over time, something that has been largely the by product of the changes in rackets...
Your site is excellent because it gives us all the chance to look in tremendous depth at the components of leading players' strokes, and because we benefit from the expert analyses you gather. But modern tennis isn't about the techniques involved. It's about how you play the game. Rackets, strings, the fitness of the players, their mentality, the evolution of ideas about how to win points, are all significant. Good/modern technique gives you the chance to play the game but having those things isn't playing the game one way or another.
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