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Question Do you prefer it when you aren't sure which event Nadal is playing?

I must admit, I enjoy tennis more when I'm not sure if Nadal is playing or not. It adds to the drama of the lead-up to each slam. It has made Talk Tennis in particular a lot busier. I thank Nadal's haters for focusing so heavily on Nadal and allowing the forum to flourish. I hope the "will he or won't he play" drama will be prevalent throughout the next 5 years (and it is wise of Nadal to keep this mystery about his schedule), and it will be especially fun when Nadal approaches his next goal - the Rio Olympics - because a "will he or won't he play" weeks before Rio 2016 will be enormously suspenseful, considering how much Nadal talks about Rio, as it is at the forefront of his mind. Its amazing how much Nadal means to people who wish ill to him as they so frequently demand to know if Nadal is playing, and want so badly to write him off and into retirement (since 2009 at least). Nadal has them in his pocket. Its a great sign of power.
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